Little Reverie

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A5 paperback book with 68 pages, 135gm silk paper

Little Reverie is a short story where reality and alternate reality blend and mirror all told without dialogue or captions. Painted entirely with gouache and watercolour. Each copy will be signed.

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13 reviews for Little Reverie

  1. David

    A deeply moving story told entirely visually but what makes it really unique (unlike most graphic novels I’ve previously read) is that each image is treated like a standalone artwork in itself and is rich with detail and depth. Not a book to be scanned through once but a book to be read again and again. Highly recommended!

  2. Kyle

    A touching story well told through beautiful pictures.

  3. Jose

    An incredible story told by superb art that compels you entirely by the quality of the art.
    each image is a beautiful piece full of detail and life.
    I’ve been following Bella’s art for a while and this book definitely lived up to my expectations and more.

  4. Kate

    A very beautiful book altogether. Amazing artwork and an intriguing story. Buy it you wont regret!!

  5. Ina

    A unique story beautifully told. A series of paintings that both feel familiar and authentic yet sobering and mysterious.

  6. mars

    This little book brought me such joy. I cannot begin to express how much my little soul loved these beautiful the illustrations and the emotions expressed therein. This is truly an artistic masterpiece. This treasure arrived precisely on schedule in adorable packaging with a lovely note from the even lovelier artist. I highly recommend that you buy this book and support this truly genius artist. She has a gleaming future. Thank you for your time I hope you consider purchasing this little gem. Thank you bella for supplying the world with art!

  7. Jake

    I loved this little book so much. The story conveyed so much emotion even without speaking a single word, and Bella’s work is some of my favourite for this exact reason :,) I definitely cried. Artist took such care with the packaging too, included a hand written note and a little art card. Thank you!!

  8. Yuan

    This book cured my depression and cleared my skin, I eat one page for breakfast before doing my skincare routine everyday, works better than collagen drinks 100/10 would recommend and buy again. Absolutely loved the envelope, post cards and handwritten note, I will be putting the postcards up when my belongings are finally back from storage.

  9. Katie

    Beautiful short story! The art is so expressive and the style so specific and honed. As someone who values what can be shown through silence, I greatly appreciated the way this heartfelt story was told so successfully without any words at all.

    The packaging that this book was sent in was so cute, too! I loved receiving the little personalized note from the author and a few little extra special touches.

  10. Sara

    My favourite graphic novel!! I can’t express how much I adore this book, I end up staring at each individual page for ages before I can move on because they’re all so beautiful and detailed. I’ve never read a book quite like this, mainly because the story translates perfectly through the illustrations, without needing text to support it, making the storytelling experience seem more emotional and unique to each reader. It also arrived in the cutest packaging that was so lovely to unravel! The story is a perfect combination of existentialism and romanticism and emotions that together create a bittersweet concept that made me cry :”) I love this book with all my heart and I couldn’t reccomend it enough. ✨

  11. Luisa

    This story is beautifully illustrated, detailed and emotionally moving without a single piece of dialogue used! Definitely a book meant to be reread and soak in its beauty more than once. I’ve been following Bella Quinn’s art for a while now on Instagram and I’m so happy to have one of their works, which feels like mini art pieces told into an lovely narrative. The package was also treated with care and attention, with a hand-written note from the artist and tiny post-card sized art pieces which were detailed and amazing as well! Thank you so much Bella! 🙂

  12. Tessa von Muhlen

    A beautiful story told through a series of exquisite watercolour paintings

  13. Dragni

    The book is really nice, high quality and very well designed. The story is absolutely heart touching. The drawings are amazing and each one can stand on its own. It was packaged with great care. I would definitely recommend!

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